Maternity Celebration Portraiture

AIPP Accredited Professional Birth Photographer, Alyson Lewis

Celebrate the New Life Growing Inside You

Whether it’s your first or fourth, pregnancy is a rare, fleeting time in your life.

Your body is transformed in beautiful ways to reflect the new life growing within.

You are becoming a mother.

Maternity photographs quickly become treasured family heirlooms. I work with each client individually to create an unforgettable experience documenting a very special time in their lives.

I believe baby bellies are beautiful and something to celebrate, commemorate, and share with your little ones as they grow older.

You may choose to have your maternity session as just the two of us; a private, intimate quiet affair; or we can include Dad, siblings, and close family members.

Maternity Celebrations are only available as an add-on with a birth photography booking.

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Birth Photographer Brisbane brisbane birth photographer Brisbane Birth Photographer | Ipswich Birth Photographer | Maternity AIPP Accredited Brisbane Birth Photographer

Aly is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP.

Brisbane Birth Photographer | Brisbane Birth Photography

Alyson of Welcome Earthiside is Ipswich, Queensland's premier birth photography specialist, giving her clients a one of a kind experience that is real, inspired and genuine. Aly is an experienced birth photographer, and has photographed c-section deliveries, home births and hospital births around Ipswich and Brisbane, including The Wesley Private Hospital, North West Private Hospital, Ipswich Hospital and the Mater Mothers Hospitals.

Alyson of Welcome Earthside covers births from Ipswich, Brisbane and Toowoomba regions.

Alyson of Welcome Earthside is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and a member of the International Association of Birth Photographers. She is a Brisbane Birth Photographer & Ipswich Birth Photographer.