Why hire a professional birth photographer?

Just as your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, the birth of your child/ren is no different, and my clients agree that the birth of their child is more important than their wedding day. Hiring a professional birth photographer means that your support people are 100% there for you, living in the moment with you, sharing the experience with you. There is no other feeling in the world than the first hour of a babymoon, meeting your newest soulmate for the very first time. Birth Photography reunites you with the moment you became a parent, and the love story that has just begun. It is the ultimate gift of love for your child. Because of the sacred birth space, the low light environment, birth photography is a highly specialised field. Great birth photographers understand it is not a point and click situation, but a quiet, unobtrusive documentary process utilising skill, specialised equipment and flattering angles [no, really!] to create the memories you will treasure forever.

Do you photograph the whole birth? 

Because birth photography is shot in a documentary-style, I photograph your journey from labour to the first hour or two of your babymoon. If you do not wish for me to photograph the between-two-worlds moments of your child\'s birth, then I wont. I discuss with you before-hand what you want me to photograph and what you don\'t. I do however advise my clients to think clearly about what they would like photographed and what they do not want photographed - as you can always exclude the images you don\'t want, and you don\'t ever have to look at them if you don\'t want to, but you can never go back and get them if you ever change your mind in the future.

When should I book you? 

As soon as you think you might be interested in booking me, I recommend contacting me. Because of the nature of birth photography, I limit the number of birth bookings per month, to ensure each client gets the care and attention they deserve. A pre-booking consultation needs to be scheduled so that we can meet each other, and discuss your birth plan and what you want from your birth photographer.

Will the hospital allow you to photograph my birth?

Most hospital birth suites are open to allow a birth photographer in, however it is best you check with your chosen hospital before you hire me. I will contact your hospital prior to your birth to ensure they have a copy of my Public Liability Insurance, if they do not already have a copy. I do however, recommend you include in your birth plan and discuss it with your hospital / midwife that you will have a birth photographer present.

There are times when a birth photographer will not be allowed to photograph - and those are times of intervention by staff, and in some cases, c-section deliveries at public hospitals (c-section deliveries in private hospitals do allow birth photographers in, however, it is at the discretion of your Obstetrician).


What kinds of births have you photographed? 

I have photographed both home and hospital natural births, planned c-sections in both private and public hospitals.


Which areas do you cover?

I cover all Ipswich, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Logan and Redlands hospitals, and their catchment areas for home births.

I live within 5 minutes of both Ipswich hospitals, so this is my area where I specialise in birth photography coverage.


When should I call you? 

I give you my private, personal mobile number, which is always on me, and I assign to your number a special ringtone, so that I am aware that it's you who is calling or texting me. I ask that you contact me as soon as you know you are in labour, even if you are still at home, even if it's at 2am in the morning. I keep in contact with you throughout the day / night, to see how your labour is progressing.


Do you post birth photos on the internet?

Every single birth image on my website and Facebook pages, was first approved by the client. Absolutely nothing goes on my website without your approval first. And if you say no, that's totally okay. I am well aware that this is your journey, not mine, and am respectful of your wishes.


Are there any days you are not available to be on call? 

Yes. I am not available to be on call on my children's birthdays - these are the 10th January and 17th March. Thank you for understanding.


Do you offer newborn and maternity packages?

Yes. I offer package deals on the session fee for maternity and newborn if booked with a birth photography session only. I do not offer newborn or maternity if you are not a birth photography client.



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Aly is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP.

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Alyson of Welcome Earthiside is Ipswich, Queensland's premier birth photography specialist, giving her clients a one of a kind experience that is real, inspired and genuine. Aly is an experienced birth photographer, and has photographed c-section deliveries, home births and hospital births around Ipswich and Brisbane, including The Wesley Private Hospital, North West Private Hospital, Ipswich Hospital and the Mater Mothers Hospitals.

Alyson of Welcome Earthside covers births from Ipswich, Brisbane and Toowoomba regions.

Alyson of Welcome Earthside is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and a member of the International Association of Birth Photographers.