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About Birth Videography

A baby is only born once. You only get one chance at capturing those moments; the first breath, the first cry, the first gaze at mum, the first reaction from siblings, the first bath...

The very first kiss.

Birth videography is a very special way to document and capture this special time for your growing family.

Welcome Earthside clients all believe that the birth of their child is more important than their wedding day.

Aly is an AIPP Accredited Professional Birth Photographer. I’m also a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.

Booking Information & Collection Delivery

Before You Book

First, I encourage all prospective clients to meet with me prior to booking your due date to get to know each other and answer questions. This is your birth space, and my priority above all else, is that you book a birth photographer you are 100% comfortable with. This means more to me than your booking.

At this introduction meeting, we start to get to know one another a little. I’ll show you samples of my work for you to go over, and it’s an opportunity for you to ask me any questions or voice any concerns you may still have. We’ll go over your birth plan and my birth client questionnaire, and we’ll go through a contract as well.

We'll meet again when you are about 36-weeks.

I encourage your partner to come to one or all of our meetings.

You may want to borrow a copy of Birth Skills or Hypnobirthing. Both of these books are available for loan to Welcome Earthside birth clients.

Your Birth Videography

I will be on call 24/7 two weeks before and after your due date, until you give birth. (Or two weeks before your scheduled c-section date).

I attend to capture the photography coverage from active labour (about 5- 6cm dilated) through up to two hours after delivery to capture many of your baby's firsts. This could mean I'm with you 6 hours or 16 hours, but you are not charged more for a long labour.

I generally strive to be like a cat in the room: present, but not intrusive. I’m not usually an active participant in the birth – while I do hope to contribute to the caring, supportive energy surrounding the labouring family, and I will step in and offer to help if needed (I will of course fill your waterbottles, microwave your heat pads, and fetch the midwives/nurse. It’s not my role to be a stated presence. Instead, I’m there to document what unfolds, as it unfolds, in as unobtrusive a way as possible.

After the Birth 

Two low-resolution, watermarked images will be emailed to you within 48 hours of delivery for immediate sharing with family and friends. With your permission, a "sneak peek" or a birth announcement will be shared on my Facebook page. You will be shown first before it is published.

In 2 weeks, your full length video will be available. Your Keepsake DVD design will be ready for you to approve for print. Products then take approx 2 weeks to arrive to the Welcome Earthside studio, and once they have been checked for quality control, I will personally deliver them to you.

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Nina, born August 2015, less than an hour old, enjoying skin to skin with Mum.


Pricing & Packages

Birth Videography Booking Fee - $300

Unlimited coverage labour from 5-6cm dilated and post-delivery up to 2 hours

On call 24/7 surrounding your due date

There are two collection options for videography:

10 minute HD movie

(including a low resolution version for watching online or putting on your mobile device)

15-20 minute HD movie

(including a low resolution version for watching online or putting on your mobile device)

Brisbane Birth Photographer | Brisbane Birth Videographer | Brisbane Birth Photography

Alyson Lewis of Welcome Earthside is a Gold and Silver Award Winning Professional Photographer with the AIPP.